Cursed Treasure walkthrough

Cursed Treasure: Don’t touch my gems is a free online game that will put your skills at test. Divided in 15 levels, this game can kill the boring of any teen. It is a tower defense game, which is composed from a wide variety of static paths as well of three tower types. In this game, you cannot place your towers anywhere you want, but you must use a certain spot. For example, the crypt towers can be putted on icy places.

In this game there are 3 ranks that can be achieved. It all depends on how well you can defend your gems. Unlike at other defense games, in this one you will have to fight with some monsters in order to protect your belongings. These monsters can enter on a path and they can continue their road until your tower, where you hold your gems.

All the monsters that reach your tower can steal away from you a gem. When he returns from where he had come you can kill him, but another monster will be there to pick up the gem from the killed monster. As it was mentioned above, in this game you can achieve one of three ranks. The first rank that can be achieved is the “Good” one. This rank is for the players that were able to survive to the attack of the monsters.

The second rank is that of “Excellent”. This rank can be achieved if you managed to survive somehow after an attack of the monsters and you also remained with all the gems. The higher and the final rank is that of “Brilliant” and this rank is offered to those players that managed to finish the game without their gems being touched by the monsters. However, if you lose all the gems you will lose.

Cursed Treasure Walkthrough

The first level of this game has a basic difficulty. The level has the shape of the “S” letter and the road is starting at your left side of the screen, at the top. However, your gems are hidden at the bottom of your right side. The terrain is filled with obstacles that must be cleaned in order for the player to build the towers. In the center of the screen you will notice two peninsulas that have a right terrain that can be used for building towers. The peninsulas are marked with numbers. In the left you will have the Peninsula number 1 and in the right there will be the Peninsula number 2.

The other levels can unlock you more skills that can be used to finish the game. If you haven’t succeeded in scoring a high rank after the first level you can try again. Even if you earned the same rank your efforts will not be in vain as you will get experience and extra points that will help you at unlocking the necessary skills to get better at the next levels.

The last level is the most difficult one. Here, you will have a battle city difficulty. It will bring the player in a state where he will have to push its limits beyond the ordinary. There will be more road than terrain, which means that the monsters will have more places to move, thing that will complicate your task of defending the gems.

A trick for moving faster is to press the key SHIFT while you are clicking. This will provide you an advantage in front of the monsters. Another important action, which you must make while playing the last level, is by playing the Meteor Button. This button must be used twice for keeping the monsters far away of your gems.

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