Cursed Treasure 4

Game description

The fourth part of the already popular game series Cursed Treasure, this one brings more levels, a more complex plot and a new method of killing the boring for teens. This is a tower defense game, one of the finest ones until now, that was produced entirely by Armor Games. As you can imagine this is a strategic game that will develop the teens’ skills during it. This game can be played online for free in the entire world.

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Actually, there are numerous teens and not only that are taking advantage of this spectacular game. You will be surprised to see the amazing graphic and the sound quality of this game. It is something out of common, something that attracted in these years more and more teens. It is a real pleasure to play this game as it is entertaining and it can easily grasp you into its world.

About the game

Cursed Treasure 4 is a tower defense game. The player’s mission is to protect the three towers built by him. In these three towers there are some gems. If the gems are stolen or the player is killed the game comes to an end. However, if the player manages to survive and also to protect at least the gems he will be able to upgrade to a higher level. Yet, keep in mind that at higher you upgrade with the levels as more difficult will be the obstacles and as stronger will be the enemies.

If you are not sure that you can handle well the enemies that will come into your path you can always choose to re- do a level. You will not have anything to lose, but to win. Even if your rank will be lower than the first time when you made the level, you will be awarded with points that will help you later for unlocking some skills.

In this game, each level has a different map that contains peninsulas, islands and lands.  At the beginning the player is allowed to build only three towers. Each tower in which are the gems can be built only in strategic lands. So, you have three different kinds of lands: grass, ice and stone. On the field with the grass the player can build the lair tower. On the land with the ice the player can build the crypt one and in the stone land the player can build the temples. Each of these towers has a specific role.


When the game will start on the map will be visible different paths. These paths are used by the enemies that are trying to steal the gems from the player. These enemies can be ninjas, demons, orcs and so on. As higher is the level as stronger these enemies will be. They are extremely tricky and strong and if you do not pay attention your gems can be lost in a blink of the eye.

However, you as the player you will not be extremely weak. When you upgrade in levels new and new powers will be achieved so you can fight properly with the monsters. You will be capable of casting destroying spells, some weaker some powerful. The game can be controlled entirely with the mouse and an extra key Shift from your keyboard. This key can help you have a big advantage in front of your enemies.

For example, holding pressed the Shift key accompanied by several clicks made with the mouse will allow to the player to build at the same time numerous towers and as well it will multiply the number of the spells that the player can cast.

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