Cursed Treasure 3 walkthrough


This game can be played online for free. There are millions of players across the world, which are delighted to play it. This is not an easy game, actually once you advance in levels the difficulty of the game will evolve, and when you will reach the last level you will see how insane the difficulty is. Everything in this game consists from protecting the gems from the hands of the monsters.

As you are probably already used from the other parts of Cursed Treasure games, in this one you also have three towers in which are kept the precious gems. You have a map and the necessary terrain which must be used to place your towers. This is another tower defense game that is putting at test your skills as strategist. It is a game of survival something like “kill or you will get killed”. It is a bit dramatic, but this is the true face of the game. Unless you kill the monsters, you will not be able to protect your gems or to survive which means game lost.

In this game, unlike others, the monsters are free to walk on the path until they reach your towers. If you don’t kill them in time the monsters can steal your gems one by one. If you manage to kill a monster after he stole you a gem the chances to recover that gem are low as the gem can be taken by another monster.

Your main purpose is to cross over all the levels without getting the gems stolen. Each level can bring you a rank, a rank that depends entirely on your defending skills. If you manage to survive the level you can obtain a “Good” rank, and if you manage to survive the level without having any gem stolen you will obtain an “Excellent” rank. However, the best rank is that of “Brilliant”. This is the most difficult rank to obtain as you must finish the level having no touched gem by the monsters.

If you didn’t manage to achieve a higher rank from your first try, you have the chance to try the level again. You can obtain a higher rank or the same. Even if you can’t obtain a higher rank than the first time you will still get advantages retrying the level. In the first place you will gain experience, which is important for getting to the last levels untouched.

In the second place you will be rewarded with extra points that can be used for unlocking new skills, which will also be of an immense help for the further levels. The levels’ difficulty is increasing while advancing in the game. There are new monsters and obstacles that are putting the player in difficult situations. Many players remain stocked at different levels. You will have to fight with ninjas, tree monsters and other types of strong and tricky monsters that will do anything in order to touch your gems. If you want to finish the game you must pay attention to it, and always to stay in guard for the ninjas.

In the last level you will have to fight with enemies much stronger than ever. For defeating them and for being able to properly defend your gems you can use the meteor weapon. You can shot successively if you keep pressed the key SHIFT. This trick will be of a great help if you don’t want to get your gems stolen at the end. You have different weapons that can help you to fight against the ninjas and the monsters.

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