Cursed Treasure 2

Game introduction

Cursed Treasure 2 is the sequel of the first game. It is an action game which requires to the players strategic abilities. This game was produced by Armor Games Inc., which is widely known for the fine online games that is producing. It is a tower defense game that makes the players to think, to act strategic in order to cross to other levels. It is not a difficult game, but also not an easy one.

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During the game, the player will have to develop different skills, and to learn how to take advantage of them easily. Cursed Treasure 2 is considered to be the finest game amid all the games from this series. It is widely popular and played by millions of teens from the whole world. There are even online communities that are discussing about this game.

About Cursed Treasure 2

Cursed Treasure 2: Don’t touch my gems is a tower defense game. In this game, the player must protect the built towers at any cost. In these towers there are the precious gems that must be defended. For starting the game the player must build 3 towers: lairs, crypts and temples. Each one of these towers must be placed strategically, so it will be extremely difficult for the enemies to steal the gems.

The player also has a map, where it is showed the finest places for building the towers. The lairs must be positioned on the land where the grass is growing while the crypts are positioned into the land of snow. Also, the temples are usually positioned in the desert land which is represented on map as stones. These three positions are the strategic ones. They will help the player to have a complete control over them and if he is a skillful strategist he will be capable of defending the gems properly.


It seems that everything in this game has to do with the digit 3. You have 3 lands and 3 towers. Also, you have 3 ranks that you can reach at each level. The lowest rank is “Good”. This rank can be obtained by the players that succeed surviving after the invasion of the monsters. The medium rank is “Excellent”. This rank can be obtained by those that succeed to survive without having the gems stolen.

The final rank and the finest one is “Brilliant”. This rank is awarded to those that had defended so well their gems that none of the monster succeed in touching them. A great thing about this game is that the players can always return to remake a level. If you are disappointed of the rank you’ve obtained while protecting the gems you can start again in the attempt of obtaining a higher rank. Even if you do not succeed in raising the rank you will still be awarded. Only for the fact that you will try again the level you will receive extra points that will be of an immense help later.

How to play the game

This game requires movements of the mouse alongside with some keys. For example, on the map you can move with the mouse freely. However, if you want a better performance in which means the overall game there is a good trick that can help you in a way or another to “cheat”. Well, not exactly cheat but something similar. Using the hot key Shift you will be capable to build more towers and also to cast more spells. For example, this key alongside with the clicks made with the mouse will allow you to use two meteors in the final levels.

 Full Gameplay Walkthrough

If you never played the game before, and you find the instructions above hard to understand, check out the following video. It shows the different levels. You don’t have to watch the whole video (it is 4 hours long). After few minutes you will get a hold of everything needed.

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