Cursed Treasure 1

Cursed Treasure: Don’t touch my gems is an exceptional strategic game. This game is for those teens that want to test their strategic abilities. Also, this is one of those online games that can help one to get rid of the boring that appears during day. Once you will start playing the game you will have to confront with different obstacles that will bring you to an excitement state.

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This is a game produced by Armor Games, which is widely known for its amazing tower defense games. Cursed Treasure 1 has many levels and once you advance with the levels their difficulty will increase. You will also get the chance to unlock new weapons, find new strategic positions for placing your towers for a better defense of your gems. You will be continually attacked by different monsters as orcs, demons, ninjas and many other things. You will have to defend well the gems because if you will be killed by a monster and your gems will be stolen you will die.

How to play Cursed Treasure 1

This game is not a simple one, but it is quite complex. Don’t think that the only thing you must do is to stay into a place and to defend with the weapons the gems. It is not that easy. In the first place you will be provided with a map. On this map you will some positions where you can build your towers. There are three fields which can be used for this thing. Each field corresponds with a different tower.

You can put the lairs on the field with grass. The crypts can be placed only on ice, and the temples can be placed only on stones. After all, these are strategic places that will prove to be of an immense help for defending the towers. Between these fields are placed paths. On these paths the monsters are able to walk freely, their direction being towards your towers. If the monsters manage to reach your towers, each one of them can steal a gem from you. If you remain without gems and the monsters kill you the game will end.


However, if you don’t manage to defend the gems but you manage to survive somehow you will get the “Good” rank and you will advance to the next level. If you manage to survive and to defend your gems of the monsters you will receive the “Excellent” rank, and as well you will advance to the next level. If you survive and if none of the monsters succeeded in touching your gems you will get the “Brilliant” rank and of course, you will advance to the next level.

Each level can be crossed several times. If the player is not pleased by the rank obtained he can try once again to remake the level. He can get a higher rank, the same rank or even a lower rank. Either way, no matter what rank the player will obtain remaking the level he will still get some benefits. The player that remakes the level will get extra points and experience.

For playing the game you will use the mouse. If you want to build multiple towers and to cast multiple spells you can use the key SHIFT and at the same time to click with the mouse. This is a trick used by many gamers that have difficulty in getting to a new level or for finishing the game. Also, the SHIFT key is allowing to the player to release more meteors than usual. This is a huge advantage when fighting with the monsters from the final levels.

Playing With Friends

This game does not have a multi-player mode, but you can still send it to your friends, and compare the scores later on. On our website you can find the whole Cursed Treasure series. The games can be played for free. All of them are hosted on our super fast servers.

The website is updated on regular basis. As soon as a new Cursed Treasure game comes out, we post it here so you can enjoy playing it.


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