Cursed Treasure 3

All Aboutย Cursed Treasure 3

This is a free online game, which is played by numerous adolescents from the whole world. Being a tower defense game, at the beginning many might think that this is a simple game. However, the difficulty of this game is incomparable. Of course, the first levels are indeed easy to finish, but once you get deepen into the game and you start upgrading in levels everything will change.

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The player will have to face stronger enemies, with better powers and so on. This game is about defending. The principle is that the player has three towers in which are deposited some gems. There are some scary monsters that are trying to steal those gems and you must defend them, otherwise the game will not end well for you. The role of the player is to keep intact some gems. These gems are protected by three towers, which are represented by three different buildings: lair, crypt and temple.

In your attempt to protect the towers you will be assisted by a map (just like in Cursed Treasure 2). On this map you will be able to differentiate the strategic positions where your towers must be placed. In the first position, which is a land filled with grass you must place the lair tower. In the second position, which is a land covered by ice and snow you must place the crypt and in the last position, which is a land filled with stones you must place the temple. On the map will also be visible the paths that are opened to the enemies.


On these paths, the enemies can move as they want and they can reach your towers in no time. You must stay focused all the time so the enemies cannot steal the gems from the towers. Each level comes at the package with a new map and new positions for your towers. Also, each level brings new powers that can be used by you against the enemies.

The higher is the level of the game the enemiesโ€™ powers will evolve. You will have to confront with the worst creatures ever. Actually, the enemies are demons, ninjas and other ugly creatures that are willing to do anything in order to steal the gems.

How to play Cursed Treasure 3

For starting the game you need to build first the three towers mentioned above. For building the towers you have to move the mouse in the right positions. When you will get to higher levels you will be able to build multiple towers in the same time by clicking several times with the mouse while you hold the key Shift from your keyboard pressed. After you finished building the towers, the little monsters will attack you in their attempt to achieve the gems.


You can defeat them by using some spells. If you manage to finish the level you will be awarded with a rank. The rank awarded depends totally by the performance you had in the level. You can get a good rank, an excellent rank or a brilliant one.

During the game you have the option to return anytime you want to redo a level. This thing can increase your rank and also can bring you extra points that are necessary for unlocking different skills. To remake the levels can help the player a lot. After all, he will not get only extra points but he will also earn experience for the further battles with the monsters. Cursed Treasure 3 is an excellent strategic game. There are numerous players in the world and there are many communities that are waiting even more passionate of these sorts of games.

Smartphone Version

Currently, the game can be downloaded to iOS devices (iPhones and iPads). There is no Android version of the game. So, if you have an Apple device – you are in luck ! Do keep in mind that the game is not free, but in my opinion – it is defiantly worth buying ๐Ÿ™‚ There are so many levels, and each of them is very interesting and challenging. If you are not willing to pay money for the game, search for similar games on the App Store/ Google Play Market.



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